About Us

CAC Role within the University Community

The Career Advancement Center supports Robinson College of Business undergraduates, graduate students and alumni. In addition, we offer employers a central gateway for recruiting at Robinson.

We also work collaboratively across the university with faculty, staff and our colleagues in University Career Services and Law Career Services to facilitate employer, student and alumni connections.

CAC Vision, Mission, and Values


To be the preferred provider of high-potential business talent for the best employers in the Southeast.


The Career Advancement Center is committed to pro-actively helping Robinson College of Business students and alumni manage their career, develop excellent job search skills and connect with high-quality job opportunities, while providing employers with an outstanding recruiting experience.


We are knowledgeable, dedicated professionals who strive to be the best in everything we do.
We operate with transparency, honesty and accountability.
Collegiality and Transparency
We respect diverse perspectives and are courteous, fair and compassionate to people in a collegial environment.
We believe in continuous improvement, encourage creativity, nurture new ideas and regularly implement best-practices.
We engage our stakeholders in mutually beneficial collaboration.